tisdag 29 december 2009

And A Happy New Year

something something we hope you had a great christmas!
Christopher is in Florida
Vanja is in the mountains of Jukkasjarvilainen
Johannes is driving the blue bus
Nisse is currently freezing in stockholm

We wish you a happy bla bla bla new year

måndag 14 december 2009

something went wrong yesterday

Last night me and Johannes visited spektrum, any other day you can listen to the show afterwards but yesterday something fucked up in the recordingprocess behind the studio...so if you didnt catch us live on the radio im sorry to tell you that you will never...never...ever hear it again.
but we had fun last night..so thats good.


lördag 12 december 2009

The song on the radio

The radioshow starts at 8 pm tomorrow, we will talk about the recordings and play our favoritesongs from 2009! The channel is 95.3 on your radio.

tisdag 8 december 2009

At the office

this picture was taken at Christophers studio of martial arts..

söndag 6 december 2009

From The Archives of Cyberspace

Klick on the link below and find the playlist-date 2008-11-23 , then you will be able to listen to our first ever radiointerview on Spektrum last year where we performed some songs and played our favourite records.


lördag 5 december 2009

Our friends in Kilroy have released their singel on Spotify, go in and have a listen!
Sin Galore will be live on the air sunday the 13th of December on Spektrum, more info about that next week.

Its a grey outside today...sweden is a great place.
Have a nice day!

torsdag 3 december 2009


Dont forget to head for Snotty on Skånegatan tonight at 21.00!
We know its below zero outside, and its dark, hardly no lights at all besides the christmasstars in the windows and the smell of fresh Lussebullar (bad translation=Luciabuns) and glögg ( bad translation= burned wine).

But behind the bar Anna Maria Espinoza & Nils Nordgren will play the best tunes AND its gonna be a first ever official hearing of our new single and you can buy it if you want!
The bar will serve you beer or regular wine as it should be.

so come and let us adore him!

onsdag 2 december 2009

So you think you can dance?

This may be one of the best videos ive seen in a long time