lördag 27 februari 2010

Good Morning Sunday

Today we are recording new material we will post up some pictures of that later on this fine sunday!
The man behind the controls is once again Mr. Per Nordgren a.k.a Red Lemon Art who helped us with the two singles you have heard the last couple of months!
Now we have to run, we got a train to catch!

onsdag 24 februari 2010


* viksholmfestivalen 2010 in Arvika 21-22th May (check)

More info soon

söndag 21 februari 2010


New songs (check)
New recording-session next week (check)
New videoshoot next week (check)
New gigs on the way (check)

If you want us to play in your town dont be shy just contact info@singalore.se


torsdag 4 februari 2010


Sin Galore will be taking the stage at 21.30 tonight at Gearclub @ Debaser Slussen, the place is open between 20-03.
We Will be playing some brand new never songs that we have worked on the last 2 weeks and you can buy our 7" Singel now after the show!
Welcome welcome